What’s The Quickest Way To Lose Weight ?

The Quickest way to lose weight is not necessarily the best. A slow steady weight loss is more effective if you want to keep those extra pounds off.

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Your body gets used to being a certain size and if you lose weight quickly it will try to get back to what it sees as normal.

Put another way, when you follow a crash diet, your metabolism slows down to starvation mode to cope with the limited calories. You will have less energy, and burn up fewer calories. Instinct will urge you to eat more when it’s available to make up for it – hence the binge that all too often follows the crash diet.

If you do manage to shed the extra pounds, congratulations! The trick is now to keep up the discipline long enough for your body to get used to the new weight. If you can keep to a steady weight (within a pound or two) for over a month, that should be long enough for the new weight to become normal for you. It’s also long enough to form new, healthier eating habits that will help you to stay at your ideal weight.

Many people try to lose weight through calorie counting, with the help of a food calorie chart.

The quickest way to lose weight that I know is through food combining. This system of eating, devised by Dr Hay – and often referred to as ‘the Hay diet’ – allows you to eat all you want, provided that you eat protein foods and carbohydrate foods at separate meals.

Weight loss is rapid at the beginning on this diet, and continues steadily till you reach your ideal weight.

In fact the Hay diet is much more than a quick way to lose weight. Because digestion is more efficient on this diet your body has energy to deal with other issues and people often find that many chronic health conditions clear up when they switch to food combining. Arthritis in particular responds very well to food combining.

The most important principle of food combining is eating protein rich foods – meat, fish, eggs, cheese etc – at different meals from starch rich foods – bread, pasta, rice etc. Leave at least 4 hours between meals of different types to allow your stomach to empty fully.

To get the full benefit of this diet, you really need to follow the secondary principles as well – that is, use wholegrain rather than refined carbohydrates, avoid refined sugar, and make vegetables the main part of your diet.

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Many people find it easier to lose weight if they have support. Groups like Weight Watchers have been successful for years, offering help and a support group for people striving to lose weight. Nowadays you can get this sort of support at home, with online weight loss programs. These offer advice on diet, exercise, or both, through ebooks and videos.

While diet is important, the quickest way to lose weight is to exercise as well. The benefits to exercise include helping you burn more calories, increases your metabolism and toning your body, giving far more benefit than weight loss from dieting alone.

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