Quick Weight Loss Tips – Natural, Healthy Weight Loss, Fast

Try some of these quick weight loss tips. If you’ve struggled in vain with diets, calorie counting and boring exercise regimes, you might finally find the answer here. You don’t have to follow all of the tips – just read on and see what could work for you.

If you’re like me, you find it easier to gain weight than to lose it. You haven’t time in your busy life for lots of exercise, it’s too hard to stick to a diet when you’ve got a family to feed – there are so many reasons why it’s hard to lose weight. Take heart – these quick weight loss tips work for me and for many others – and they can work for you.

There are several factors to consider when you are trying to lose weight. The first is, of course, your calorie intake.

  • Reducing calories does help you lose weight, but it shouldn’t really be included in list of healthy quick weight loss tips. If you try to starve yourself, your metabolism slows down. So you won’t lose as much as you’d hope to. Plus, a crash diet is likely to be followed by a binge, as your body demands that you feed it up again after the starvation. You’ll be tempted by all sorts of unhealthy, high-calorie foods. It’s better to lose weight slowly and steadily. Cut down a little on all those fattening foods, reduce food serving sizes, use a smaller plate. Even if you lose only three pounds a month, that’s 36 pounds in a year!
  • Many people use artificial sweeteners to avoid the calories of sugar. This is a serious mistake. Artificial sweeteners are chemicals that don’t exist in nature. Your body isn’t designed to deal with them and they can seriously damage your health. To add insult to injury, artificial sweeteners actually cause carbohydrate cravings! So, far from losing weight, you end up eating more.Instead, use natural sweeteners, but try to gradually cut down. Natural sweeteners include honey, fruit juice, molasses and stevia leaf. Stevia leaf has the advantage of having no calories at all, but is sweeter than sugar!

    For chocolate-flavored dishes, carob flour is useful as a sweetener. Carob is often used in caffeine free chocolate substitutes. It lacks the bitterness of cocoa, and is naturally very sweet.

  • Like many quick weight loss tips, this one will help your health in more ways than one. It’s simple – eat more fresh fruit and salads. If you fill up on low-calorie, high-nutrient foods, you won’t be so hungry for the less healthy, fattening snacks. The Catabolic Diet works on the principle that some vegetables, such as carrots and celery, use up more energy to digest than you get from eating them. I don’t know if this is true, but it will certainly do you good to eat more of them. They’re full of water, digestive fiber, vitamins and alkalizing minerals.For more on what to eat for weight loss and health, try the Diet Solution Program. It really gives a lot of good information on healthy, slimming foods, with recipes, shopping guides and more.


The next quick weight loss tips are to do with metabolism. Your metabolic rate measures how fast you burn up calories. It varies from person to person, and even for one person it varies from time to time. There are several things you can do to influence your metabolic rate.

  • You can burn up more calories by exercising just a little more – get off the bus one stop early, park your car a little further from your work, take the stairs instead of the lift (at least part of the way if it’s a very high building). At home, play music that you like to dance to. Every little bit helps.
  • Exercise increases your metabolic rate, not only during exercise, but up to twelve hours afterwards. Even a little regular exercise – even 10 minutes a day – will increase your metabolic rate for a while – plus you will gradually get more fit. When you are fitter, you burn up calories more efficiently and you feel more energetic, so you naturally feel like exercising even more. Also, regular exercise stimulates the mechanism that controls your appetite.Find out more of the benefits to exercise.
  • Dehydration can reduce your metabolic rate; so keep drinking plenty of water.Surprisingly, water could be your problem, rather than food. You wouldn’t think that something with no calories at all could affect your weight. But water is vital and could help your health in more ways than one.
  • Drink more water. This is the simplest of all quick weight loss tips, but possibly the most important. It is easy to confuse thirst and hunger, especially if you normally don’t drink enough. Have a big drink of plain water – a glass or two – and you may find that you don’t feel ‘hungry’ any more! If you begin to regularly drink enough water – that is, 6 to 8 glasses a day minimum – you will probably find that you are eating less without trying.
  • You may be drinking plenty, but of the wrong things. Sugary drinks will not quench your thirst as your body needs even more water to flush out all the sugar, and of course, they have a lot of calories. The same for drinks with a high fat content – e.g. coffee with cream, milk shakes, etc. Tea, coffee and alcohol are all diuretics – they make you produce more urine so that you actually lose water. (Also, alcohol has a lot of calories.) As I said, choosing carefully what you drink could be the most important of quick weight loss tips.
  • If you really can’t face plain water, try adding a little pure fruit juice to flavour it, or a slice of lemon. Green tea and herb teas are quite good drinks to have. But do try to drink pure water as often as you can. Just drinking more water might be enough to help with weight loss.


For quick and easy weight loss without exercising or starving yourself, try the Hay diet (nothing to do with eating hay, but named after Dr Hay). This is also known as Food Combining. This is probably the best of any quick weight loss tips. I personally know several people who have lost two stone in two months by food combining alone. (Actually, perhaps it should be known as ‘food separating’, since the main principle is eating starch and protein at separate meals.)

Finally, remember that your attitude has a huge influence on all aspects of your health. Being overweight can really lower your self-esteem – you know that when you lose those extra pounds you’ll feel better about yourself. Equally, if you improve your attitude to yourself, you might find you lose weight without really trying.

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