Skin whitening at home

Beauty is the thing that all women want. There are hundred ways of whitening skin permanently and easily. Did you have any way of Skin Whitening at home? Today, will show you some simple and effective ways to have a beautiful skin forever through this article.

  1. Whitening skin at home with lemon

    Skin whitening at home

    Skin whitening at home

Lemon contains vitamin C which helps to protect skin and remove dead skin cells. This recipe is very simple and saving. You can save time and money, especially you can do it at home.  Besides, it is suitable for everybody’s skin.


–         Lemon  1 (One)

–         Tomato 1 (One)


Step 1:  First of all, cut lemon into 2 parts and get lemon juice.

Cut tomato crust out and then pureed it to have juice. After that, mix those things together.

Step 2: Wash your skin with warm water. (Both your face skin and your body skin). Lathering the above liquid on your skin and massage lightly in 15 minutes.

Step 3:  Finally, clean your skin again with water.

Noted: Use this way twice a week , your skin will be whitening easily and quickly.

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  1. Whitening skin at home with coffee

 Coffee has antioxidants which help to remove dead cells and sebum. This way is the best choice for ladies who have oily skin. And it also helps you own the whitening skin as you desired.

Skin whitening at homeSkin whitening at home

Recipe: 50 grams of coffee powder           

              50 grams rice bran  

              ½ cup milk without sugar


–         Mix those 3 materials together to have liquid.

–         Wash your skin carefully with warm water and then massage lightly the liquid on your skin in 15 minutes.

–         Finally, clean your skin up again with water. You will feel the difference after using this way.

Noted: Use this way twice a week to get the best result.

  1. Whitening skin at home with carrot

Carrot is not only used to make tasty food but also used to whitening skin at home naturally. It also helps skin to become stronger and whiter. Honey has plenty of nutrients that also protect your skin from acne and skin aging. In addition, yogurt is both delicious and has many vitamins that make skin be whiter and softer.

Skin whitening at homeSkin whitening at home

The mixing from carrot, natural honey and yogurt is the most wonderful remedy for skin whitening at home

Materials: 1 carrot

                      1 yogurt

                      1 spoon natural honey


Step 1:  Pureed carrot, then mix it with yogurt and honey to get liquid.

Step 2: Then, wash your skin and lathering the liquid above on your skin within 30 minutes.

Step 3: Finally, wash your skin again with water.

With this whitening skin recipe, you will also have a new beautiful skin without acne or oil. Therefore, your skin will be healthier, whiter, softer and smoother.

Noted: Use this way twice a week to get the best result.

  1. Whitening skin at home with Avocado

Another simple and useful remedy which is also good for whitening skin is made from Avocado, yogurt and natural honey.

Skin whitening at homeSkin whitening at home

Materials:    1  avocado

                         1 yogurt

                         1 spoon of natural honey


–         First, mixing all above materials together until having a liquid.

–         Then, wash your skin carefully and lather the liquid on your skin for about 15 minutes. As a result, use this solution twice a week to have a big chance. You will be surprised with its effects.

Hope you all have a beautiful and healthy skin forever.

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