How to lose weight fast 2017- 10 tips for weight loss fast

Weight loss seems to be a problem of most of people. After the holiday, many people find solutions for their weight. If you want to lose weight fast, you have to pay attention on little things at the beginning. Those very small changes that make a great difference in your body. To help you to achieve your weight loss goals, is very pleased to share 10 tips to lose weight fast- how to lose weight fast 2017.

  1. Setting short-term goals

    How to lose weight fast 2017- 10 tips for weight loss fast

    How to lose weight fast 2017

The first thing you need to do in plan of weight loss is set goals. We recommends you should short-term goals, trackable goals. That means it has specific deadlines and actions. It is really better than general solutions. Because general solution can make you fall into limbo. It is difficult for you to know whether you have achieved what you set out, and the time to reach the aim seem to longer. Therefore, setting short term goals will make motivated you to lose weight and carry out the plan easier.

  1. Download app help you lose weight

Smartphone is one of popular item of many people. Download an app is not difficult problem. There are many apps that can help you lose weight faster. So why do not you try it? The app can stay motivated, help you count calories, etc. such as MyFitnessPal, Couch to 5k, Runkeeper, Nike+ Running, Fitbit app… Through these apps you can set challenges for yourself, even compete with your partner.

  1. Cut down alcohol

According to research, three large glasses of wine equal to about 630 calories. Alcohol can prevent your body from burning fat to process the alcohol. That means the metabolic system will transform the alcohol into acetate and burning that firstly. The remaining food will be stored as fat. Therefore, cut down alcohol is also cut down the accumulation of fat. You will lose weight fast.

  1. Don’t eat in a hurry

Eat slowly to the brain realize the stomach is full so don’t rush your meals. This is main reason we eat much then, we gain weight.

  1. Makeover your kitchen

    How to lose weight fast 2017- 10 tips for weight loss fast

    How to lose weight fast 2017- 10 tips for weight loss fast

What do you see in your fridge? Are they healthy food to lose weight? Remove all of food which is not good for losing weight, replace them with healthy food. If you see cookies, soda, or junk foods in your fridge, are you sure that you do not eat? When they are far away your vision, you will limit the temptation from them.

  1. Find a workout partner

Find someone who have a similar schedule and goals as yours. So you can encourage each other and hold each other accountable. When you have motivation from partner, you will easily achieve your goal of weight loss.

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  1. Don’t overdo it

When you work out in high intensity, the level of cortisol in the body can rise which makes weight loss more difficult.

  1. Start exercising at home

    How to lose weight fast 2017- 10 tips for weight loss fast

    How to lose weight fast 2017- 10 tips for weight loss fast

Some of us cannot get to a gym for many reasons kids, illness, job, dependents, financial issues, etc. or even cannot get out for a morning or evening for exercising. That doesn’t mean you cannot work out. You may do it at home. Do each of jumping jacks, step-ups, sit-ups, squats and burpees for 10 minutes per day. Or you can run up and down the stairs 10 times.

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  1. Don’t eat after 8:30 p.m.

In the evening, the metabolism will work lowly. The metabolism will work lowly. Therefore, the food you eat will be difficult to burn and it will be stored as fat.

  1. Drink water with lemon before meals

Lemon has pectin fiber, and pectin has been proven to reduce hunger. To lose weight effectively, you should add lemon into water before your meals. That can help you reduce your appetite. Lemon also helps your body become more alkaline, and alkaline diets help dieters lose weight faster.



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