How to lose weight without exercise

Overweight is always a matter of be concerned for those who are obese. You want to lose weight to get a slim body. But you do not have much time to exercise, you can apply other extremely effective methods to help you have a perfect body as you desired. We would like to show you two methods to lose weight without exercise.

  1. Diet with low carbs

What is Low carb?

How to lose weight without exercise

How to lose weight without exercise

Weight loss by low carbs methods is understood as a diet to minimize as much as possible the amount of carbohydrates (carbs) in daily meals, and eat comfortably unlimited amount of fat and protein.

The basic principle of Low carb methods

The reason cause to weight gain is by eating plenty of carbohydrates into the body. At this time, the amount of carbohydrate will be converted into glucose in the blood, causing blood sugar to rise. Besides, it leads to the body to secrete insulin to stabilize blood sugar levels return regulations, and blood glucose metabolized into fat. Carbohydrates and fats are the two key sources of energy for the body. So, if you cut out energy from carbohydrates, the body will burn fat to supply energy for body work.  From that, you can lose weight.

The principle of this diet is the “low-carb, high fat, high protein.”

What food should not eat in diet low carbs 

How to lose weight without exercise

How to lose weight without exercise

  • Cereals and grains: wheat, rice, rice, bread, noodles, potatoes, corn, beans, cashew nuts, sesame, peanuts, soybeans.
  • Sugar, milk, cake, candy, soft drinks
  • All fruits (dieters should abstain all kinds of fruit at least the first 2 weeks implementation of the regime low-carb)
  • All kinds of fast food
  1. Weight loss with detox

What is detox?

Using the method of detox is to follow the rules, limited to a minimum intake of toxic substances and gradual elimination of toxic substances have accumulated in the body and especially in the internal organs, blood and skin. It also have effect to lose weight.

How to lose weight without exerciseHow to lose weight without exercise

By using these foods help purify the body. Additional strengthening nutrients, fiber, vitamins and water helps detoxify the body helps to lose weight and beauty skin.

The principles of detox

Principle detox for weight loss that is to minimize the absorption of substances harmful to health, the scum or fat, helps the body stay healthy. Not only that, this measure is also carried out on the principle of maximum intake of beneficial nutrients from vegetables, fresh fruits, provide nutrients, vitamins and amino acids beneficial to the body. This not only helps the body to be purified thoroughly, detoxify the body, but also helps to lose weight effectively and extremely effective skin care.

Some formulas to detox

  • Oranges and blueberries: are two types of fruit fiber and vitamin C. If you’re looking for recipes detox toxins medium has anti-aging skin care, you should choose this formula.
  • Lemon and mint leaves: Besides the effect of toxic waste, lemon also enhance the resistance of the body, aid digestion, promote faster metabolism.
  • Pineapple: Just 5 pieces of pineapple soaked with 2 liters of water. Moreover pineapple agency also supports the elimination of toxins from the body faster.




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