12 benefits of turmeric in diabetes | Is it safe to take turmeric in diabetes?

12 Benefits Of Turmeric In Diabetes. Diabetes is a chronic metabolic condition wherein blood sugar levels in the body remain high as the body fails to regulate it. Insulin is the hormone that plays a vital role in this disease.

It is produced by the pancreas and it controls the blood sugar. Blood sugar or glucose acts as a fuel for various cellular activities. Insulin moves glucose from blood to muscles, fat and liver cells where it is stored or used as fuel.

Is it safe to take turmeric in diabetes?

Generally as a precaution it is advised not to take turmeric with anti-diabetes medication.
12 Benefits of Turmeric In Diabetes

1.Turmeric counteracts inflammation in Diabetes

2. Turmeric reduces oxidative stress in Diabetes

3. It lowers blood sugar levels

4.It can repair and regenerate pancreas cells

5. It can reverse prediabetes

6. It lowers cholesterol levels

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